Clarivein | Venous Ulcer Varicose Vein Treatment***

It’s the first new treatment to remove varicose veins in over a decade….and Advanced Vein Clinics is one of only two Chicago centers offering it to patients.

The 15 minute treatment, called Clarivein®, is painless, requires no anesthesia, has less bruising, and produces results comparable to the traditional laser procedure. Clarivein is so gentle that patients have to wear compression stockings for only two days following the procedure. They actually go back to work the same or next day.***

Clarivein® consists of a thin wire that Dr. Dominic Tolitano threads deep into the vein. That wire then rotates 3500 rpm like a garden edge trimmer against the vein’s inner lining while Dr. Tolitano slowly injects a scarring agent. The combination completely closes a swollen vein. Combining a mechanical and chemical injury at the same time makes the treatment especially effective at closing a swollen vessel. Most important, the treatment eliminates any risk of thermal or laser injury and requires only a “pin prick” to anesthetize the skin.

Dr. Tolitano says, “This treatment isn’t for everybody. At this point I’m just using it for patients with varicose veins on their lower legs. However that’s a significant number of patients. The bottom line is any good vein clinic will now offer both modalities.” He adds either technique is covered by most insurance and that Clarivein® is also effective in the treatment of venous ulcers.***

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***All patient results may vary, these procedures are for cosmetic purposes only and results are not guaranteed, nor are permanent. All patients are different and in no way will any procedures be alike, nor the recovery period.